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The Department "Assessment" of FCI Ltd. performs certification of construction products in compliance with the requirements of Regulation 305 (NB 2981) and Ordinance RD 02-20-1 (number 26). Full information about this service is available at "Certification".

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Factory production control systems

The Factory production control system (FPC) includes at least the requirements for determining responsibilities, authorities, incoming control of materials, management of production processes and intermediate control, control of the end product, metrological provision of technical means, transport, storage, identification and marking of raw materials and end products, inspection methods, management of non-compliant product, complaints and customer satisfaction survey, corrective and...

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The matter related to the certification of construction products, the necessary set of documents for their incorporation in constructions, the extremely important requirements for their installation (application, construction) is very complex. Only its knowledge can guarantee you the incorporation of the products without problems, constancy and fulfillment of their operational characteristics.

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Technical translations

We offer translations performed by technically literate translators perfectly familiar with fire and building terminology. With our help you will save a lot of time and effort from re-editing the already completed translations.

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We are at your disposal for any questions and problems related to the production, import, incorporation of construction products and the related documentation

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